Neato vs. Roomba

If you are planning to buy a robotic vacuum, you must carefully review your options. The most popular vacuums are the Roomba and the Neato and they are considered both as the best robot vacuum cleaners by a majority of experts which is also reflected by a lot of reviews on the Internet. If you gather information about each product’s design, cleaning technology, scheduling, battery life, and cost, the shopping process will be much easier.

Design – Neato

The Neato has a round back and a square frame. This design helps the vacuum clean corners more resourceful. Although the frame increases productively, the plastic coating is somewhat weak.

Design – Roomba

The Roomba does not clean corners well because it has a circular design. However, many consumers appreciate that the overall design is modern and sleek. The vacuum is sold in two shades of gray. Both colors make scratches less visible.

Cleaning Technology – Neato

The Neato provides the best suction; this is why the company is an industry leader. Under the frame, there is a silicone brush that constantly rotates. The rotating bristles pick up a lot of dirt and debris during each cleaning session.

Cleaning Technology – Roomba

The Roomba does not have strong suction, but it has many other great features. For example, the Persistent Passing technology passes over specific sections on the carpet frequently. This technology helps the unit pull all dirt from heavy soiled fibers.

Scheduling – Neato

The scheduling features are often ignored during the shopping process. However, consumers must review the specs because some robotic vacuums do not have auto-scheduling. The Neato has a 15-minute interval mode, which is reasonable for most consumers.

Scheduling – Roomba

The Roomba provides total freedom because it has no scheduling restrictions.

Battery – Neato

The Neato can locate its power docking station automatically. However, the process of navigating to the dock is not always an easy task for the vacuum. If a space has too many obstacles, the vacuum may get stuck in narrow spots. Typically, the Neato can hold a charge for about 70 minutes.

Battery – Roomba

Although the Roomba doesn’t travel to its docking station quickly, it never gets stuck because it has good scouting abilities. The Roomba uses a technology that communicates with the dock station consistently. The system using problem-solving techniques to determine the best possible path. After the Roomba is charged, it can vacuum a space for four hours.

Price – Neato

At most stores, the Neato costs $499. However, some retailers offer additional discounts or free shipping.

More info on Neato:

Price – Roomba

The Roomba costs around $650 at most stores. The price is higher because the vacuum has a more efficient cleaning technology.

More info on Roomba:

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