Is there a Roomba alternative?

The Roomba has become a staple for robotic vacuum. Like Q-tips, Tylenol, and Kleenex, the Roomba has become eponymous with the robot vacuum (or smart vacuum). However, Roomba is a specific brand of automated vacuum cleaner designed by iRobot. There are many alternatives to the Roomba, many of which have similar and additional features not found in the Roomba.

First, let’s focus on the Roomba itself. Roomba is leading the way for automated home cleaning. The device is truly a godsend for those who hate vacuuming – and really, who doesn’t? The Roomba is pure automation, the device will even charge itself when it’s finished cleaning. Additionally, the Roomba uses responsive navigation technology to ensure the entire room is clean, as well as a self-adjusting cleaning head and edge cleaner.

Compared to these features, here are the top five alternatives to the Roomba:


1. Neato Signature Pro – Best Roomba Alternative


This Roomba alternative is more than just a sweeper. It has intelligent navigation (the same system used in self-driving vehicles), as well as a powerful vacuum. It is a bit taller than the Roomba, so it won’t be able to get underneath most couches like the Roomba can, but it packs numerous features that make up for this limitation. It was also named as the Best Robot Vacuum 2017 in several reviews.

2. Samsung Tango/TangoView

This device is Samsung’s answer to the Roomba. This automated vacuum can also serve as a home security device, since it is wi-fi capable and has a camera built in, including a microphone and external lighting. You can even view the camera’s feed from your mobile device or computer. While these features do come at a higher price, if you’re looking for the novelty of being able to see the world from a robot’s point of view, or you want to keep tabs on what’s going on at home, this device will meet all of those needs.

3. LG Hom-Bot

Similar to the Tango, the Hom-Bot also has wi-fi capabilities and a on-board camera. The Hom-Bot steps up the game by adding the ability to mop, as well as sweep and vacuum. Additionally, it uses infra red and ultrasound sensors to map our the room and can work on both smooth and carpeted surfaces.

4. Dyson 360


While other companies focus on lengthy battery life, the Dyson 360 is all about the motor power. This device has more suction power than any other robotic vacuum on the market. The Dyson is also wi-fi capable, has a 360 degree camera, and is controllable by a mobile app, including the ability to schedule a routine or on-the-fly cleaning. But with its price of $1200 its not attractive for everyone.

More info:

5. OCedar O-Duster


By for the lowest priced Roomba alternative, this device doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that others offer, but the price may be more welcoming for most. The O-Duster doesn’t utilize any navigation system, but has a rotating drive train to ensure it won’t get stuck. It utilizes disposable cloths in lieu of suction, so this device is excellent for hard flooring, but not so useful on carpet. The extended battery life is certainly a boon for the device, as the O-Duster can wander aimlessly for hours beyond the others.


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