Is the Roomba Suited for Hardwood?

The iRobot Roomba is a small robotic vacuum cleaner that automatically cleans the flooring in your home, then parks itself in the charging dock until needed again. Just like the traditional vacuum cleaner, this robotic vacuum travels from room to room, vacuuming debris and dirt off the flooring. The big difference is you can be doing other chores in the house while Roomba automatically cleans the floors. One question many homeowners have, is the Roomba suited for hardwood floors?

Can the Roomba Clean Hardwood Floors?

The Roomba is equipped to clean hardwood floors, possibly more effectively that the large traditional vacuum. The reason the Roomba is perfectly suited to clean hardwood floors is the power within this compact unit can make short work of dirt, dust, or debris on the floor. The Roomba will not scratch the flooring surface like those heavy upright vacuums can do, because it is lightweight, yet it has excellent suction power.

How Does the Roomba Clean the Floor?

The reason the Roomba robotic vacuum cleans hardwood flooring so efficiently it because it utilizes a three stage cleaning system. First, the Roomba has a spinning brush that grabs any dust or dirt along the side, making certain the edges of the room are clean. Next, the Roomba has two rotating brushes that channel that debris, dust, and dirt into a suction path to the motor. Finally, anything picked up on the flooring is then pulled into the vacuum and dropped into the dustbin.

Cleaner Home Flooring with Roomba?

Once all that debris, dust, and dirt fall into the dustbin within the Roomba, the air then passes through a HEPA filter before being expelled with the exhaust. These filters are designed to capture any tiny dirt particles from being released back into the home. A dual filtration system removes over 99.9 percent of particles larger than .3 microns from the system. The Roomba is especially ideal for cleaning hardwood flooring if you have allergies or suffer from respiratory issues.

More Efficient Cleaning Process

The robotic Roomba utilizes a unique algorithm based cleaning process, making use of acoustic and optical sensors to adjust to the different peculiarities of each room in your home. This ensures the Roomba is going to pass over each spot within every room multiple times throughout the cleaning cycles. The Roomba is programmed to be able to recognize areas of the hardwood floor that is extra dirty, sending the vacuum over the spot multiple times during a cleaning session.

If you have hardwood floors in your home, rest assured the Roomba is more than equipped to safely and efficiently clean those rooms. The Roomba is an effective alternative to the conventional vacuum cleaner, using less energy, and less effort, to clean the surface and improve the air quality in each room. The Roomba can be programmed to work whether you are home or away at work during the day, the perfect solution for those who have little time each day for vacuuming the floors.


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