Is there a Roomba alternative?

The Roomba has become a staple for robotic vacuum. Like Q-tips, Tylenol, and Kleenex, the Roomba has become eponymous with the robot vacuum (or smart vacuum). However, Roomba is a specific brand of automated vacuum cleaner designed by iRobot. There are many alternatives to the Roomba, many of which have similar and additional features not found in the Roomba.

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Neato vs. Roomba

If you are planning to buy a robotic vacuum, you must carefully review your options. The most popular vacuums are the Roomba and the Neato and they are considered both as the best robot vacuum cleaners by a majority of experts which is also reflected by a lot of reviews on the Internet. If you gather information about each product’s design, cleaning technology, scheduling, battery life, and cost, the shopping process will be much easier. Continue reading

Is the Roomba Suited for Hardwood?

The iRobot Roomba is a small robotic vacuum cleaner that automatically cleans the flooring in your home, then parks itself in the charging dock until needed again. Just like the traditional vacuum cleaner, this robotic vacuum travels from room to room, vacuuming debris and dirt off the flooring. The big difference is you can be doing other chores in the house while Roomba automatically cleans the floors. One question many homeowners have, is the Roomba suited for hardwood floors?

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What to do when the Roomba just goes in circles

The problem of Roomba going into circles or backing up can be unnerving at first. However, the problem can be solved in a number of ways. First, you need to do take your hoomba to an obstacle free environment and allow it to run for about 2 minutes to ascertain the problem. If your Roomba has a problem, it will either stop or send you an error message. The robot will send you a warning signal, beginning with a two-tone sound “uh oh”, followed by a narrated voice or a series of beeps. Next, you need to follow the right troubleshooting procedures. Below is a list of common Roomba 700/800 Series error messages and how to troubleshoot:

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